Men’s Discipleship Breakfast

The bible encourages men to be the spiritual leader in their home, to love their wives as Christ loves the church and to be examples for their children and the people in their communities. Every day we are faced with challenges and worries that test us as men and as Christians. In order to persevere and overcome, we need to become more and more like Christ. We do this through worship, prayer, bible study and getting involved for Christ. Fellowship with other brothers is an important part of a man’s Christian life. In the company of other brothers, men encourage, teach and support one another and become a resource for the wider church. LHFC provides opportunities for men to meet in comfortable and enjoyable settings to discuss issues unique and important to them, to have some fun getting to know each other and to be part of what God is doing in Tucson and beyond. We have a men’s breakfast event quarterly. In addition, we have an annual Men’s Retreat as well as other fellowship events for men throughout the year.